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HAProxy on AWS: Best Practices Part 2

HAProxy on AWS: Best Practices Part 2

Placing HAProxy at the edge of your AWS infrastructure is possible without involving Elastic Load Balancing (ELB). In this article, we’ll discuss how. There is such a thing as too many layers. There’s a restaurant in town that serves the most outrageously layered...

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Introduction to HAProxy Stick Tables

Introduction to HAProxy Stick Tables

HTTP requests are stateless by design. However, this raises some questions regarding how to track user activities, including malicious ones, across requests so that you can collect metrics, block users, and make other decisions based on state. The only way to track...

Introduction to HAProxy ACLs

Introduction to HAProxy ACLs

When IT pros add load balancers into their infrastructure, of course they’re looking for the ability to scale out their websites and services, get better availability, and gain more restful nights knowing that their critical services are no longer single points of...

Hitless Reloads with HAProxy – HOWTO

Our R&D department published a well-received blog post titled “Truly Seamless Reloads with HAProxy – No More Hacks!”. In it, we explained why some established connections could be dropped during reloads under high utilization, and how the problem has been solved in...

Let’s Encrypt (ACMEv2) for HAProxy

HAProxy Technologies is proud to announce the availability of an integrated Let’s Encrypt ACMEv2 Lua client for HAProxy and HAProxy Enterprise Edition (HAPEE). HAPEE comes bundled with Lua support in a precompiled binary conveniently distributed using your Linux...

What’s New in HAProxy Enterprise Edition 1.8r1

We are very excited to announce the release of HAProxy Enterprise Edition 1.8r1, which is built on top of the monumental stable release of HAProxy 1.8 with additional enterprise enhancements that help to manage and secure modern applications across the full spectrum...

HAProxy on AWS: Best Practices Part 1

HAProxy on AWS: Best Practices Part 1

  There has been a constant stream of interest in running high-availability HAProxy configurations on Amazon. There are a few different approaches possible, and this is the first in a series of three blog posts to describe them. In this blog post, we are going to show...

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