HAProxy Enterprise Ingress Controller Coming Soon to the Red Hat Marketplace

The HAProxy Enterprise Ingress Controller will be offered in the Red Hat Marketplace, allowing OpenShift users to seamlessly upgrade to an enterprise-class version of the default OpenShift Ingress, gaining immediate access to a robust and reliable code base with cutting edge features, an enterprise suite of add-ons, expert support, and professional services.  

Red Hat recently introduced OpenShift 4.4, strengthening its position as a leading Kubernetes platform for enterprise companies. Among the highlights, the default Ingress Controller has been upgraded to use HAProxy 2.0, which features capabilities critical for cloud-native and containerized environments, such as end-to-end HTTP/2, support for gRPC, Layer 7 retries, and improved multithreading. As the world’s fastest and most widely used software load balancer, HAProxy powers modern application delivery at any scale and in any environment, providing the utmost performance, observability and security.

HAProxy and Red Hat have a strong history together and HAProxy has served as the default load balancer in OpenShift even before Ingress resources were added in version 3.10, having been the implementation behind OpenShift’s default router. Routes are a mechanism that serves the same job as Ingress resources but came before, and had a heavy influence on the Ingress specification that emerged. As such, OpenShift users have been able to harness HAProxy’s legendary performance and features for quite some time.

For industry experts, it’s no surprise that Red Hat chose the battle-tested HAProxy as its default ingress and router, as leading organizations around the world have embraced HAProxy to power their LBaaS platformshyperscale their service mesh architectures and enable Kubernetes ingress. With a history spanning almost 20 years in open source, HAProxy is an easy choice for powering your application delivery needs.

In conjunction with the recent announcement for OpenShift 4.4, Red Hat in partnership with IBM also launched the Red Hat Marketplace, a new multi-cloud marketplace where OpenShift users can find certified, an enterprise software that has been tested for quality, performance, and usability. This gives users access to open-source and commercial software that can be deployed to hybrid and multi-cloud environments, with responsive support, convenient billing, easy lifecycle management, and single-dashboard visibility.

Now, HAProxy Technologies has partnered with Red Hat to bring the HAProxy Enterprise Ingress Controller to the Red Hat Marketplace. This will bring a robust and reliable code base with cutting-edge features, an enterprise suite of add-ons, expert support, and professional services. The controller will be deployed by an Operator, which is a Kubernetes-native application that can take full advantage of Kubernetes APIs and tooling. Becoming certified in the marketplace means working closely with Red Hat to make sure that the implementation is rigorously tested and proven to meet a gold standard of use.

Expect more news in the near future as we continue work on the HAProxy Enterprise Operator. If you would like to be notified when the project is completed or would like to set up a demo of HAProxy Enterprise for your on-premises or cloud environment, get in touch with us today.

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