HAProxy Enterprise
Kubernetes Ingress Controller

Simplify Kubernetes traffic management with advanced routing, enhanced security, and detailed observability for Ingress and Gateway API.

  • Simplify Kubernetes adoption and app deployment

  • Integrate efficiently with K8s-native automation

  • Route traffic fast and reliably for containerized apps

  • Protect against external security threats

  • Prevent and fix issues quickly with comprehensive observability

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World’s top companies trust HAProxy to protect their critical infrastructure

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

An excellent solution for traffic balancing, routing, filtering, and secure offloading…. Simple to use, scalable, outstanding performance and great support from the community and HAProxy Enterprise.

We can balance network traffic easily on different development kubernetes clusters, managing either the forwarding to ingress and balancing the API servers.

We use HAProxy as an ingress point for all external traffic, utilizing load balancing and filtering features. It is out of the box tuned for high performance and allows to utilize less compute resources to achieve more results compared to competitors. Also, if we need to add a new feature to our load balancers fleet, very likely it's already supported by HAProxy and what is needed is to just configure it.

And, as if the development teams and large helpful community weren't enough, the HAPEE (HAProxy Enterprise Edition) offering includes a pile of additional modules that take an already-amazing product, and crank it to 11. Furthermore, it's backed by a phenomenal team of people. Everyone that I've worked with, from Sales and Marketing to Engineering and Support, have been extremely personable, very quick to respond, and always willing to bend over backwards to help us as customers.