Introducing HAProxyConf 2019

Announcing our first-ever HAProxy user conference, HAProxyConf 2019! We’re excited about the speakers we have lined up, as well as the amazing opportunity to bring together people to share ideas and learn from one another. It’s going to be a great and memorable time. It will take place in Amsterdam on November 12th and 13th. In this blog post, you’ll find answers to common questions about the conference and learn how you can attend.

What is HAProxyConf 2019?

HAProxyConf 2019 is the inaugural user conference for the highly-active HAProxy community. Over two days, speakers from across the community will present their stories of managing high availability across many different environments; including cloud-native, service mesh and containerized/Kubernetes application architectures. You’ll hear best practices and real-world use cases to help you optimize the benefits of using HAProxy in your organization.

When Is HAProxyConf 2019 Taking Place?

HAProxyConf 2019 will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, November 12-13, 2019 at the Het Sieraad in historic Amsterdam. Please visit the conference website for more details about the specific agenda.

What Can I Expect at the Conference?

HAProxyConf will bring together your peers from across the HAProxy community. As an attendee, you can expect to see :

  • Technical sessions from both users of HAProxy products and code contributors, who will share their knowledge of leveraging HAProxy, as well as recommendations for improving application performance and optimizing deployment environments.

  • Real-world use cases from organizations of all sizes – from very large companies handling billions of requests per day down to single person infrastructure teams.

  • First-hand recommendations from cutting-edge organizations moving from on-premise to the cloud, harnessing advanced security techniques, deploying applications in Kubernetes, building service mesh architectures and more.

  • A first-hand preview of upcoming product updates and roadmaps. You get to know first!

  • Plenty of opportunities to connect with key project contributors and peers from across the community, spanning many different geographic regions and industries.

The goal of HAProxyConf is to provide technical and informative content that is free of marketing fluff.

Who Should Attend HAProxyConf?

The HAProxy community is diverse and encompasses not only IT professionals, SREs, and those responsible for designing reliable infrastructure, but also hobbyists, open-source enthusiasts, and others who take high availability seriously.

While a good deal of content will be technical in nature, there will also be occasions to hear practical takes about our industry at large. HAProxyConf is an ideal learning event for both individual contributors and managers across application development and operations teams.

How Can I Sign up for HAProxyConf 2019?

You can register for HAProxyConf 2019 here. There is currently an early bird discount rate of 175 Euros prior to September 30th. A conference pass entitles you to attend all sessions over both days and also includes multiple meals, snacks, coffee and other special gifts for attendees. Please register ASAP to save your spot at the conference.

Who Will be Speaking at HAProxyConf?

The agenda will alternate between full presentations (40 minutes) and lightning talks (15 minutes) and will feature a number of compelling speakers from companies like, Criteo, GitHub, DoubleVerify, HAProxy Technologies, Microsoft (Yammer), and Vimeo. Please visit the HAProxyConf Speakers page for a complete rundown of the schedule and speaker list.

How Was the Speaker List Selected?

The HAProxyConf Content Selection Committee had the difficult task of narrowing down the presentations from an impressive starting list. The committee consisted of seven individuals from both HAProxy Technologies and the broader HAProxy community and used various criteria to select topics that would appeal to the prospective audience.

How Can I Speak at HAProxyConf?

The call for papers process has closed and no additional speakers are being selected for HAProxyConf 2019. We welcome you to sign up to receive HAProxyConf Updates so that you can be alerted to the call for papers process for next year’s conference.

Are There Any Specific Hotel Recommendations?

Yes. We have negotiated special rates with several nearby hotels. Please visit the HAProxyConf Venue and Hotels page for more information, including links to book a hotel room at a discounted rate.

What Should I Know About Visiting Amsterdam in November?

Amsterdam is one of the safest, friendliest and most visited cities in Europe. There are a few considerations to keep in mind for ensuring a positive experience:

  • Amsterdam has gone almost cashless. Many hotels, museums and transportation options no longer accept cash.

  • Bring a raincoat or ulster as rain is not uncommon in November.

  • The best option for making your way around the city is public transportation, as car parking can be quite expensive. Public transportation and ride sharing options are plentiful.

  • Be careful not to walk on bike paths and pay attention to trams when crossing streets or riding a bike.

Who Should I Contact with a Specific Question?

Please send an email to with any questions about the conference.

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