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There are no speed limits on the highways of the internet. Adopting HAProxy Technologies’ products means access to a suite of finely tuned features that will keep your application and content delivery ahead of the pack.

Key Principles

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To reach the standard of delivery required by today’s web consumer, companies must carefully design the path of travel for their applications to avoid a series of common speed traps. And in order to create the smoothest route from server to client, you need an end-to-end application delivery platform with features tuned for high-speed delivery.

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While born as a load balancer, HAProxy does much more than balance traffic.

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Many of the world’s most highly regarded brands trust the HAProxy Technologies suite of products to give them the flexibility of high availability, security, and accelerated delivery of their websites and applications. Meaning a one stop solution from server to client.

Learn how to achieve application acceleration with HAProxy


Server to Client in Record Time

Maintaining this high uptime means fending off several key threats. Faced with the challenge of staying online, companies should be on the lookout for the following common weaknesses.

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Geographic Limitations


  • ​​Global Server Load Balancing

  • Advanced DNS Server Capability

  • Edge ADN

The web truly is worldwide, and one of the initial obstacles to overcome in accelerating application delivery is geography. When clients attempt to connect from across the world, shortening the distance of travel for data packets is essential. A solution capable of global server load balancing like HAProxy ALOHA, which can act as an advanced DNS server and assign data-centers based on proximity to the client, is an ideal first approach to this issue.

For the majority of modern web presences however, a content or application delivery network may be the more successful approach to spanning a geographic gap. Based on the principle of storing commonly requested data in strategic positions closer to the client or at the edge of a network, these approaches reduce the amount of travel required to successfully deliver web services. Whether using HAProxy Enterprise at the core of a content delivery network or choosing a full global delivery service solution like HAProxy Edge, our suite of products are unmatched in covering distance at speed.

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Bandwidth Sapping Security Threats


  • HAProxy Enterprise WAF

  • PacketShield

  • High Performance SSL/TLS

  • HAProxy Enterprise Bot Management Module

  • Anti-Hotlinking

Delivering content also requires processing power, and when it is leached away by security challenges, delivery speeds can drop substantially. HAProxy Technologies security features like our web application firewall (WAF) and the patented PacketShield protect your network against both web application and DDoS attacks, meaning that both your load balancer and the services behind it are protected and your bandwidth maintained.

The rapid processing of secure traffic is also managed with high performance SSL/TLS, plus other features like advanced configurations for bot management and anti-hotlinking mean that your servers can stay on the task of delivering content to valid requests, increasing overall delivery speed.

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General Latency Reduction


  • ​​Global Server Load Balancing

  • Advanced DNS Server Capability

  • Edge ADN

But perhaps the biggest speed gains are made at the application layer, and it is in this environment that HAProxy Technologies products shine when optimizing speed of travel for data delivery. Whether it is features like response caching to lower server load, connection pooling for efficient use of idle connections, or advanced HTTP compression to shrink server responses before delivery, the entire range of HAProxy products are packed with 20 years worth of innovation as the world’s fastest load balancer.

And this innovation never stops. The developers at HAProxy Technologies are constantly in dialogue with clients and the community, meaning that companies can rely on our products to respond to changes in the web environment. Like meeting the increased demand for rich media with the creation of intelligent algorithms for optimal content buffering, or support time-sensitive UDP applications and the latest version of HTTP/3 over QUIC.

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