We’re Building a Rich Ecosystem of Certified HAProxy Integrations

HAProxy Technologies works with its partners to seamlessly integrate products and deliver exceptional value to customers.

Plenty of ink has been spilled about the role open-source software has played in transforming the world of technology as we know it. Countless organizations and individuals have continued to demonstrate some of the core value drivers behind OSS – particularly speed of innovation and extensibility. Those are key tenets that have driven HAProxy Technologies’ strategy from the beginning. We foster a stronger, more active developer community by being the single, largest contributor to HAProxy. By paying full-time engineers to develop features that we make available for free, we inspire innovation in others. By embedding extension points into HAProxy, we’ve paved the way for our customers to own the roadmap of their technology ecosystems.

While community contributions play a vital role in meeting the needs of our customers, we’ve seen a growing demand to carry these values of innovation and extensibility through to our commercial solutions. Having dedicated support staff and software engineers, we can maintain tight control over the quality of the add-ons that are created for HAProxy Enterprise and other products. The newly launched HAProxy Technologies Certified Integration Program is a natural next step in our mission to better serve our customers and partners. It’s dedicated to achieving two key goals:

  • Streamline the process for integrating third-party software with HAProxy Technologies products.

  • Certify that integration has been validated and is fully supported end-to-end.

Technology partners work with us to ensure that our joint products integrate seamlessly and deliver exceptional value to our customers. A certified integration is a stamp of approval that signifies that an integration is safe and effective to use. We’ve built a web portal where you can browse a list of integrations that have been certified so far.

The idea for the program sprang from what we saw happening among our customers. They often wanted to use features like device detection, geolocation, and other add-on functionality, but in a streamlined way that let them avoid grafting those tools directly into their applications. It made perfect sense to partner with these vendors to create integrations within HAProxy. Then, our customers would be able to offload that functionality to the load balancing layer and deploy it anywhere in the application delivery stack, simplifying their lives. Furthermore, they would know that they could rely on our technical support team as the authoritative entity on these integrations.

Technology partners get access to real-time feedback from our product, engineering and account teams, as well as joint marketing opportunities. It lets them put their software into the hands of HAProxy users, without worrying that the integration won’t be maintained or might lack professional technical support.

Our Partners

Take a look at the innovation happening with our existing technology partners, whose products extend HAProxy Enterprise in powerful ways.

Device detection


51Degrees provides sub-millisecond device detection of more than 56,000 smartphones, tablets, and TVs. Its technology lets you gain insights into how your customers are accessing your services. With this knowledge, you can deliver content that takes advantage of the screen size and unique capabilities of the device. More than that, you can shape your application so that it conforms to the goals of a person using a mobile phone, which are different from the goals of a person using a laptop. For example, you might bring search and a quick-access menu to the forefront for phones, but show a product catalog for laptop and desktop users.


DeviceAtlas provides device detection technology that utilizes a high-performance JSON database for fast lookups. You can use this information to learn how your customers are accessing your services, build targeted ad campaigns, and maximize sales conversions. With device detection, you can alter your application’s UI to create tailored experiences that boost customer engagement. You can get a lot of value out of video advertisements, but only if they are optimized for the bandwidth, screen resolution, and multimedia capabilities you expect. Device detection ensures that videos will be delivered for the device they are meant for.

ScientiaMobile WURFL InFuze

ScientiaMobile WURFL InFuze is a device detection technology that exposes more than 500 properties of each device. This granularity lets you use responsive web design to create customized UI layouts that are informed by the rich set of device information. You can create targeted ad campaigns, shape content to the shifting needs of an individual as they switch between devices, and gain valuable insights that you can analyze and act upon.



NS1 provides next-generation, managed DNS. Use it to dynamically route users to data centers closest to them. Then, alter where a user is routed based on the metrics received from HAProxy. For example, a user would ordinarily be routed to the datacenter in their region. However, when that location’s bandwidth becomes saturated, the user is sent to another location. This real-time, self-correcting mechanism is informed by metrics streaming from the HAProxy load balancers at each datacenter.


Digital element

Digital Element offers IP geolocation at the country, regional, and city levels for locations all over the world. Its data gives crucial insights that allow you to manage digital rights, prevent online fraud, and localize content for your customers. Increasingly, content must be customized to fit the user’s location in order to see tangible results. For example, you might create special promotions for a particular city or you might default currency and language options depending on the country. IP geolocation is increasingly important in our interconnected world of online commerce.


MaxMind enables IP geolocation analysis for your web traffic. You can use this information to improve customer engagement by sending tailored content related to the user’s region. Whether that means displaying privacy/cookie disclaimers, matching advertisements to locales, or restricting access to certain countries, geolocation gives you the ability to make adjustments in real-time. Adding this metadata to users allows many sophisticated strategies for giving your customers the best experience.


HAProxy Technologies is taking its integrations to the next level by creating a full-service Certified Integration Program. This ensures that the highest level of support is extended to each partner. In turn, customers receive integrations that are certified to work well and continue to work over time.

Would you like to know more about the program? Contact us to learn how to get started with your own integration. Our commitment to you is to create a lasting, successful partnership.


Dylan Murphy

Director of Business Development at HAProxy Technologies

Dylan Murphy is the Director of Business Development at HAProxy Technologies. He oversees the organization’s global partnership and alliances programs in addition to corporate development responsibilities.

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