HAProxyConf 2021 Call for Papers

HAProxyConf 2021 will take place on November 16th and 17th. This year’s conference will be a free, virtual event, allowing attendees to tune in from their home, office, or wherever they work. Do you have a topic you’d like to present? Submit your proposal! The call for papers is now open with the submission deadline set to July 5th 2021. For this deadline you only need to submit your title and abstract.

We plan to gather voices from across our open-source community to present best practices and real-world use cases that demonstrate the power of HAProxy and its related components. HAProxyConf is a unique opportunity to learn how organizations achieve high availability, security, and observability using the world’s fastest and most widely used software load balancer.

Need some help thinking of ideas? Here are a few topics that we think would be great:

Infrastructure / High Availability

  • Infrastructure / High Availability (building resilient infrastructure)

  • CI/CD, automating HAProxy

  • High availability in multiple data centers

  • High availability in cloud, on-premises, and during migrations

  • Chaos engineering

  • High availability for IoT

  • Beginner / starting out with HAProxy, HAProxy 101

  • Lessons learned, journeys

  • Disaster recovery

  • Adopting a high availability mindset

  • Site Reliability Engineering

  • Configuration management

  • HA for storage

Load Balancing / API Gateway

  • Custom-built service discovery mechanisms using HAProxy’s server-template directive or the HAProxy Data Plane API

  • Using HAProxy as an API gateway

  • Global load balancing

  • Transitioning from other Load Balancer/Proxy technologies to HAProxy


  • Using HAProxy as a security proxy

  • Using HAProxy for bot protection

  • Replacing ADN, CDN or WAF vendors with HAProxy

Kubernetes / Cloud-native

  • Containers, Docker, Kubernetes ingress

Service Mesh

  • Building a service mesh with HAProxy

  • Integrating HAProxy in an existing service mesh


  • Leveraging the power of HAProxy stats and logs

  • Integrating HAProxy in tracing flow

  • Monitoring, metrics, analytics

  • Logs, aggregation, data mining

  • Anomaly detection

  • Real user monitoring


  • Extending HAProxy with Lua

  • Extending HAProxy with SPOE


  • Tips and tricks with HAProxy

  • Abusing HAProxy features for unintended purposes

Soft Skills

  • Mentoring, Ops teamwork, learning

  • Teaching junior Ops team members


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