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Kubernetes is an open-source platform for scaling containerized workloads across a fleet of machines. It can intelligently schedule work only onto hosts that have the CPU and memory resources needed to run a given container. The challenge is that containers within a Kubernetes cluster typically communicate over a private overlay network. How should you expose services within the cluster to external clients?

The answer is to bring the power of HAProxy to Kubernetes. The HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller is the most efficient way to route traffic into a Kubernetes cluster.

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haproxy enterprise kubernetes ingress controller

Simplify your infrastructure by routing ingress traffic using one IP address and port. Requests are routed to the correct pod based on the Host header and request path.

Leverage HAProxy, the world’s fastest and most widely used software load balancer. When it comes to performance, reliability, and security, HAProxy sets a new standard. 

Secure your cluster with built-in SSL termination, rate limiting, IP allowlisting and HAProxy Enterprise’s WAF with OWASP Core Rule Set compatibility. Our Ingress Controller container image is fully rootless and operates seamlessly in read-only environments. This rootless approach minimizes potential security risks and ensures compliance with strict security standards.

Balance traffic among pods using any of HAProxy’s load-balancing algorithms, including round-robin, least connections, URL hash, and random. This includes support for multiple protocols, including HTTP and QUIC, enhancing network efficiency and response times.

Avoid problems early with superior Layer 7 observability out of the box. Verbose logging and statistics give insight into the health of your pods, current request rates, response times, and errors.

Experience better throughput with HAProxy’s traffic overload protection. Servers won’t receive more requests than they’re able to handle.

HAProxy in Kubernetes

This eBook serves as a comprehensive overview for HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller, helping you get off on the right foot towards high-performance traffic routing.

With more than 70 pages, our eBook is packed with hands-on tips and tricks on how to get the most out of HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller.

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