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After our company has spent millions of dollars with F5 and A10 I can say that at least for us Hapee has the best product and support available in a paid product. Best-in-class does not do their support teams justice...

Solid product, backed by a solid development team, reinforced by enterprise-grade support.

...their support has been fantastic and some of the best support we have across our product stack. Can’t recommend them enough.

I have reached out to support multiple times about problems I could not resolve myself, and they have been at the top of their game.

Every company in the world that offers support should be taking a look at how HAProxy is doing it.


Details on HAProxy Premium Support

Supported Products

HAProxy Enterprise
Supported Versions

Current Version – 3 years

Supported Versions

LTS Releases
Current Version – 3 years

Support Availability and Response times

Support Hours


Critical Issue
Target Response Time

30 minutes

Moderate Issue
Target Response Time

2 days

Informational Issue
Target Response Time

3 days

Support Communication Details


Web Portal, Email, Slack Live Chat, Phone

Authorized Contacts


Consultative Support

Available - Business Hours

Maintenance And Updates

Prompt Maintenance and Updates

Issue definitions

Critical Issue 
Substantial impact to the core functionality for which Software is used; Software is unusable; or Customer unable to produce a Workaround. Critical Issues reported by web or e-mail must be accompanied by a phone support request, preferably simultaneously with a web or e-mail request.

Moderate Issue
Software utility or functionality is impacted, in whole or in part, but Software is not unusable. 

Informational Issue
Minor malfunctions of Product with limited impact to utility and/or functionality; or General assistance with Software configuration (service rendered by HAProxy Technologies only remotely). 

Software definitions

Maintenance Release
A collection of patches gathered over a period of time and distributed as a service pack.  

A correction or a workaround for a certain bug in HAProxy. 

Target Resolution Times 
The amount of time HAProxy Technologies estimates that it will take to deliver a workaround. 

A solution that resolves a technical issue with the Software.

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