HAProxy Fusion Control Plane

Manage all of your HAProxy Enterprise instances from a single, graphical interface or directly through a breakthrough API.

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Give Dev and Ops teams the power to simplify, scale, and secure their HAProxy application delivery infrastructure with a centralized control plane.

Leveraging simple workflows to configure load balancer instances and security protocols, the HAProxy Fusion Control Plane makes it easy to extend HAProxy Enterprise’s security and performance advantage across large and diverse organizations.

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Multi-cluster management

Manage HAProxy Enterprise instances using a centralized hub. Group load balancers into clusters and assign them to different teams. Control instances deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

haproxy fusion control plane access control


Give your App developers Load-Balancing-as-a-Service. Delegate ownership over application delivery using fine-grained, role-based access control. Versioning ensures that multiple users can make updates safely.

haproxy fusion control plane web application firewall


Implement HAProxy Technologies’ advanced security measures consistently across your load balancer clusters. The Web Application Firewall, rate limiting, and bot management features provide first-class defence against malicious behavior.

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Build app delivery infrastructure anywhere, including on-premises and in the cloud. The ability to integrate with CI/CD pipelines and automate workflows using a native centralized API makes managing complex infrastructure simple.

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From single cluster labs to large production environments with hundreds of nodes, the Fusion Control Plane grows with you. Centralized management and observability improve efficiency, resilience, and problem-solving at scale.

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Enforce consistent WAF, rate limiting, and bot management security configurations across clusters of nodes from a central interface. Simplified management of role-based access control and easy configuration rollback ensures the safety of your system from threats.

Self-service application delivery

With simple workflows for setting up listening addresses, routing, and SSL, developers can deploy proof-of-concept code to a production-like environment on their own. In organizations that desire agility and speed, this level of self-service is essential.

HAProxy Fusion Control Plane gives AppDev teams the autonomy to configure load balancing, security, and observability for their applications without needing to ask the Ops team to do that for them.

haproxy fusion control plane UI diagram
graphic image of haproxy fusion building blocks

An API-first model

Automate common infrastructure tasks with an API that provides the same capabilities available through the web UI. Allow team members to integrate routine tasks into continuous-delivery pipelines and automated workflows. Role-based access control settings apply to the API as well, restricting which teams can perform specific operations.

The Fusion API is built on top of the OpenAPI Specification, which supports client libraries in many programming languages. Developers can thus build integrations with HAProxy Enterprise into their custom applications, written in their preferred programming language. This might take the form of a simple Python script, a console program written in Go, or a web app written in Java.


Service Discovery for Kubernetes and Consul environments

HAProxy Fusion’s automated service discovery for Kubernetes and Consul environments efficiently identifies backend services. This simplifies the configuration of traffic routing and load balancing for complex and dynamic backends, saving time and reducing errors.

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Bridging Dev, Sec, & Ops

Every team benefits from HAProxy Fusion. Ops teams can determine access levels and configure presets. Next, Dev teams can leverage self-service application delivery. Finally, Sec teams get centralized management and observability of HAProxy Enterprise's security layers, such as HAProxy Enterprise WAF and HAProxy Enterprise Bot Management Module, for greater policy consistency.