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The HAProxy Guide to Multi-Layered Security (FR)

Our The HAProxy Guide to Multi-layered Security ebook provides a comprehensive overview of HAProxy’s extensive security capabilities. Get your copy now!

eBook HAProxy as an API Gateway

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HAProxy en tant que passerelle API (FR)

Our HAProxy as an API Gateway ebook provides a comprehensive overview of how to use the HAProxy load balancer as an API gateway. Download now for free.


HAProxy 2.3: tour d’horizon (FR)

As a technical release, this version of HAProxy optimizes many low-level components, but it also adds new features users have been waiting for, including...

eBook HAProxy in Kubernetes

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HAProxy dans Kubernetes (FR)

Get started using HAProxy Ingress Controller in your cluster with our ebook! Learn how to route traffic in Kubernetes with ease. Download for free today.

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