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HAProxy Skills Lab: Building a Multi-Tenant Kubernetes Cluster

In Kubernetes, you can run workloads from different teams alongside one another, but without overlap. You can also target different stages of the delivery pipeline (Dev, QA) within the same cluster. This ability to segregate tenants is due to the Kubernetes namespace feature, which allows you to assign boundaries around services and other resources. However there are a few pitfalls to avoid and planning for multiple tenants beforehand is essential to getting it right.

The HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller factors into this as well, since it can watch specific namespaces for new pods and ingress rules. Or, you can set a class identifier on it so that tenants can target a particular ingress controller of their choice.

In this Skills Lab, you will learn:

  • Tenants separation

  • User access management

  • Resource quotas

  • Multi-tenant ingress traffic with the HAProxy Ingress Controller


Moemen Mhedhbi
Software Engineer, HAProxy Technologies

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