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Learn the HAProxy Data Plane API 2.0

People know HAProxy as the high-performance software load balancer that they can configure once, then trust to do the job, but it’s also the best choice for dynamic environments where change is constant. For instance, HAProxy’s configuration can be generated on the fly using map files; Stick tables let you track client behavior across requests and take action on suspicious traffic; Its built-in DNS resolver can discover server addresses at runtime and its unique Peers protocol lets you sync data across load balancer nodes, guaranteeing data redundancy.

With the release of the HAProxy Data Plane API 2.0, these features are now unlocked so that you can set them using convenient HTTP requests. This puts more of the load balancer’s unique features into your hands, whether you’re configuring the server directly, managing it remotely, or building custom automation around it.

In this webinar, you will learn to use the API to:

  • create and work with map files at runtime

  • query data from stick tables

  • configure DNS resolution

  • sync data with Peers


Chad Lavoie
Director of Support, HAProxy Technologies

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