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Introduction to HAProxy Stick Tables

HTTP requests are stateless by design. So how do you “remember” clients so that you can persist them to a server? Or how do you recognize when a client’s behavior seems malicious? HAProxy provides a unique feature for capturing and storing client activity called Stick Tables. Stick tables are a rich and powerful system that enables real-time intelligence within your load balancer. They are one of the building blocks that provide you with advanced capabilities.

Watch our on-demand webinar and learn to:

  • Configure stick table storage within HAProxy

  • Capture and store counters like HTTP request rate and error rate

  • Associate metrics with a client via unique keys, such as IP address

  • Flag malicious users with “general purpose tags”

  • Use stick tables for server persistence

  • Block attackers and keep them blocked for a set time

  • Sync active/active load balancer data with the Stick Table Aggregator


Chad Lavoie
Director of Support, HAProxy Technologies
Nick Ramirez
Director of Product Marketing, HAProxy Technologies

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