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External Load Balancing and Multi-Cluster Routing for Kubernetes

In this webinar, we will show how to simplify deploying Kubernetes in complex scenarios using HAProxy Fusion and HAProxy Enterprise for intelligent external load balancing and multi-cluster routing. 

HAProxy Enterprise provides performance, security, and reliability for applications and APIs. As an external load balancer, HAProxy Enterprise provides high-performance L4 and L7 traffic routing and load balancing for multi-cluster Kubernetes services. HAProxy Fusion provides automated service discovery, configuration, and scaling, with centralized management for HAProxy Enterprise. This model removes the complexity from managing external load balancing on-premises, in multi-region public cloud, and more.

We will cover:

  • Why is it hard to get external traffic into Kubernetes (on-premises and cloud)?

  • How does HAProxy help with Kubernetes?

  • Introducing HAProxy Fusion with Service Discovery

  • A simple solution for external load balancing and multi-cluster routing for Kubernetes (inc. A/B testing, blue/green deployments, and multi-region failover).


Jakub Suchy
Director of Solutions Engineering, HAProxy Technologies
Dario Tranchitella
Software Engineer, HAProxy Technologies

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