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Delivering Microservices with an HAProxy-Powered Service Mesh

Microservices architectures require highly dynamic application delivery controllers to deliver a multitude of services reliably and with bulletproof security. HAProxy is at the core of application delivery for some of the largest and most complex microservices architectures in the world. HAProxy’s proven stability and performance can be used to drive your microservices environment using new features including hitless reloads/upgrades, DNS service discovery, Runtime API, server-templates and more.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How HAProxy succeeds in the new microservices architectures

  • Which HAProxy features are most helpful in delivering microservices

  • What new features are on the HAProxy roadmap that support microservices delivery

  • How to create a performant and resilient service mesh with HAProxy

  • How leading companies like Yelp and Yammer run huge service meshes backed by HAProxy


Nenad Merdanovic
Principal Solutions Architect, HAProxy Technologies
Tim Hinds
Director of Product Marketing, HAProxy Technologies

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