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Achieving Multi-Datacenter High Availability with HAProxy ALOHA & GSLB

HAProxy ALOHA is a load balancer that’s ideal for companies in search of high performance and ease of use. It comes as either a hardware appliance or a virtual appliance and provides load balancing of TCP, UDP, and HTTP traffic, DDoS protection, and active-active clustering. One of its newest features is the ability to distribute traffic across multiple data centers or regions through global server load balancing (GSLB).

GSLB uses DNS to load balance clients, but it goes beyond returning static DNS records. It takes into account the health of each datacenter and/or the geographic location of the client when selecting the records to return, which ultimately determines where the client is sent. In this webinar, you will learn about GSLB in HAProxy ALOHA and how it can help you deliver your services more efficiently and with greater reliability.


Baptiste Assmann
Principal Solutions Architect, HAProxy Technologies

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