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HAProxy as an API Gateway

Consolidate Your APIs Behind the World’s Fastest Software Load Balancer

For many companies, APIs are key to their success. By consuming APIs, they can mix in features from hosted service providers, cutting down on their own software development time. Companies that provide APIs open their services to new markets and create new revenue streams. Yet, to be successful, APIs must be secure, reliable, and provide good observability. An API gateway can be a cost-effective solution for adding these features to any modern API.

In this book, you will learn how to harness HAProxy as an API gateway, including how to:

  • Enable health checking of backend servers

  • Configure and visualize HAProxy metrics

  • Cache API responses

  • Monetize your services

  • Authenticate users

  • Secure your applications against bots and other bad actors


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HAProxy Technologies is the company behind HAProxy, the world’s fastest and most widely used software load balancer. HAProxy products are used by thousands of companies around the world to deliver applications and websites with the utmost in performance, reliability and security. This eBook provides a comprehensive overview of how to use the HAProxy load balancer as an API gateway, demonstrating how to enhance the security, reliability, and observability of your services.

ebook HAProxy as an API Gateway