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HAProxy Skills Lab: Diagnosing Simple Problems

This Webinar is also available in French.

Troubleshooting network issues can seem like an arcane art. Operations teams build up knowledge through trial-and-error, online forums, and wisdom handed down from one generation to another. However, the best way to learn is from listening in to someone who helps solve similar problems every day.

In this webinar, our dedicated HAProxy support team will teach you tips for tracking down issues that may seem related to your HAProxy load balancer. As a central component in your network, the load balancer is always on the list of suspects, but often becomes the hero of the story, providing detailed metrics that guide you to the true culprit.

In this session, you will learn to:

  • define the problem (HTTP error, white page of death, TCP timeout, etc.)

  • narrow the potential causes (firewall, HAProxy server, HAProxy itself, application)

  • use packet capture tools like tcpdump to find clues

  • deal with TLS errors and locate the problem

  • tune HAProxy health checks

  • decide when to buy professional support


Chad Lavoie
Director of Support, HAProxy Technologies

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