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Automatically Migrate Your NetScaler Configuration to HAProxy

Our previous webinar outlined the many benefits of migrating from NetScaler to HAProxy—including our security-as-standard approach to application delivery, effortless security upgrades, deployment flexibility, and unmatched performance at scale.

But what about configurability? Versus HAProxy, NetScaler configurations are often difficult to understand and tend to sprawl over time. They also lack the modularity necessary to split configuration sections into dedicated files. This complicates maintenance and future configuration changes. For many organizations, a migration to HAProxy can help them win back control over their load-balancing infrastructure.

When transitioning between solutions, a user-friendly process with minimal friction or caveats makes all the difference. Whether you're considering migrating or are actively immersed, we'll cover how to parse NetScaler configurations automatically and rapidly migrate them to HAProxy Enterprise. Start watching to learn more about our three-step process.


Jakub Suchy
Director of Solutions Engineering, HAProxy Technologies

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