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DDoS Attack & Bot Protection with HAProxy Enterprise: Defending Your Application Against Ever-Increasing Threats

We read about DDoS attacks and bot threats causing companies millions in lost revenues and battered reputations almost every day. By leveraging an extremely efficient and innovative design, including extensive ACL and Stick Table tracking systems, HAProxy Enterprise is able to perform the real time behavioral analysis that mitigating today’s threats demands. Rather than being caught off guard, join this webinar to see how you can use HAProxy Enterprise to create an effective, high performance threat protection solution.

In this webinar we will present how to:

  • Protect against application-based DDoS attacks such as HTTP request flooding

  • Protect against bot threats such as web scraping, brute forcing, and vulnerability scanning

  • Implement an advanced threat response policy with the Antibot and Google reCAPTCHA modules

  • Implement cluster wide threat protection with the Stick Table Aggregator

  • Enhance bot threat protection with add-ons such as the WAF and Fingerprint modules

  • Dynamically maintain cluster wide whitelists and blacklists with the LB-Update module

  • Monitor threat protection status with the Real Time Dashboard

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