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Introduction to HAProxy ACLs: Building Rules for Dynamically Routing Requests, Redirecting Users & Blocking Malicious Traffic

As requests stream into your HAProxy Enterprise load balancer, adding rules to route them to the right place, redirect them to other pages, or outright deny them is what puts you in control of your traffic. Access Control Lists (ACLs) give you this power and they are a core component of HAProxy. They let you form conditional statements that filter and direct traffic in real-time.

In this webinar, we will present how to:

  • Formulate an ACL statement using HAProxy’s configuration language

  • Combine ACL rules with actions using either named or inline ACLs

  • Utilize various, ready-made fetch methods that describe a request

  • Combine flags and matching methods to make ACLs case-insensitive, match a certain part of a string, and more

  • Redirect users to another location

  • Select a backend server to fulfill a request

  • Store ACLs in a separate file for convenience

  • Block malicious requests 


Nick Ramirez
Director of Product Marketing, HAProxy Technologies

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