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Introduction to HAProxy Maps

Your routing logic in HAProxy is simple in the beginning. Then it grows in complexity, perhaps requiring you to choose a different backend based upon the requested URL path, hostname or region. Not long after, you have dozens of similar rules—maybe even hundreds! When that day comes, it’s time to regain control by leveraging HAProxy maps.

Maps are a key-value storage built into the load balancer. They simplify HAProxy configurations by giving you the ability to do fast lookups based on an input. Although maps are a core building block of HAProxy, many users have yet to unlock their full potential.

In this webinar we demonstrate how to:

  • Define maps and load them into HAProxy

  • Use converters to transform inputs

  • Edit existing map files by hand or dynamically with tools like the HAProxy Enterprise lb-update module

  • Create pseudo APIs for updating maps by using the http-request set-map directive

  • Learn real-world examples of when to use a map

Don’t forget the Q&A section at end were we cover more specific use cases.


Nick Ramirez
Director of Product Marketing, HAProxy Technologies

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