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How to Migrate From VMware Avi Load Balancer to HAProxy

Learn how to successfully migrate from VMware Avi Load Balancer (formerly Avi Vantage Platform) to HAProxy—an independent, open-source alternative backed by G2 category leadership and authoritative support.

HAProxy offers efficient performance at multi-cloud scale, a true platform-agnostic architecture, and centralized security and observability. It's the perfect choice for those needing unmatched freedom and value from their load-balancing solution. 

This webinar covers:

  • An intro to HAProxy and key reasons to migrate from VMware and Avi Networks

  • How HAProxy helps customers through every step of the migration process

  • How to convert your VMware Avi Load Balancer configuration to HAProxy

  • How HAProxy scales without performance or affordability constraints

HAProxy helps power innovation on your terms. We'll show you how a first-class customer experience, unrivaled performance per dollar, and rich integration support can redefine application delivery for your organization.


Jakub Suchy
Director of Solutions Engineering, HAProxy Technologies

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