Live Webinar

HAProxy 3.0 Feature Roundup

Tuesday, June, 25th 2024 15:00 UTC

HAProxy 3.0 is now available! With enhancements to performance, flexibility, security, and observability, HAProxy maintains its edge over alternatives with its best-in-class load balancing.

Register for this webinar to learn about the newest features and updates. We will cover:

  • Loading TLS certificates with the new crt-store section

  • Limiting glitchy HTTP/2 connections

  • Persisting stats after a reload

  • Improved Syslog Load balancing

  • Formatting log lines as JSON and CBOR

  • Exposing more data using new fetch methods

  • …and more!


Eric Martinson
Solutions Engineer, HAProxy Technologies
Sebastien Gross
Senior System and Network Engineer, HAProxy Technologies

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