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Kubernetes Ingress: Routing & Load-Balancing HTTP(s) Traffic

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Kubernetes converts a collection of servers into an interconnected cluster over which you can host any of your container workloads. Maybe this trait of interconnectedness is why its predecessor was called Borg, named after the alien beings from the StarTrek fictional universe that thought with a single hive-mind!

When you’re first getting started with Kubernetes, one thing that you must learn is how to expose your containers outside of this cluster so that they can be utilized by clients. In this beginner’s workshop, you will learn how containers can be exposed through Services, which provide rudimentary L4 routing and load balancing. We will then move on to Ingress objects, which add L7 routing, HTTPS encryption, and other advanced capabilities.

The HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller adds Ingress capabilities to your cluster. Powered by the popular HAProxy load balancer underneath, it gives Kubernetes the tools it needs for publishing your services to the outside world, and it can be tuned with special annotations to fit your needs. Join this webinar to learn the basics of routing and load balancing in Kubernetes!


Baptiste Assmann
Principal Solutions Architect, HAProxy Technologies

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