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HAProxy 2.0 - Q&A

Modern applications are shifting towards cloud-native architectures and container platforms like Kubernetes. That means that proxies and load balancers must be equipped to manage transient services, new communication protocols, and dynamic methods for discovering endpoints and routing traffic.

HAProxy version 2.0 added capabilities that are especially relevant for load balancing applications in cloud and containerized environments. In this webinar, you will have the chance to go through the answers on the questions asked during the live Q&A session with HAProxy engineers. Some of the questions asked were:

1. What were the changes regarding the maxconn setting in the HAProxy 2.0 global section?
2. When I change a TLS certificate in HAProxy in Kubernetes I have no other option than to kill the pod and wait for Kubernetes to create the pod again. Can the Runtime API help to reload the certificates?
3. Is it possible to use both the Data Plane API and the stats socket (Runtime API) at the same time?
4. The older Community Kubernetes controller defined a configuration property called no-tls-redirect-locations, which allowed generating a LetsEncrypt certificate with HTTP/HTTPS redirects disabled. Does the official Kubernetes Ingress Controller have something like this?
5. Are you planning to implement UDP support in HAProxy and if yes, when?

… and many more!


Nick Ramirez
Director of Product Marketing, HAProxy Technologies

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