HAProxy 3.0 Feature Roundup

HAProxy 3.0 is now available! With enhancements to performance, flexibility, security, and observability, HAProxy maintains its edge over alternatives with its best-in-class load balancing.


HAProxy 2.9 Feature Roundup

HAProxy 2.9 is now available! With improvements that give better performance, more flexibility, expanded customization, and greater visibility, there's plenty to talk about.


How to Migrate from NetScaler ADC to HAProxy

HAProxy provides efficient performance, flexible deployment options, and built-in security and observability, making it the perfect choice for those who want more value from their application delivery solution.  Join us for a webinar filled with all the tricks and treats on migrating to HAProxy.


How to Migrate Successfully from F5 to HAProxy

HAProxy provides performance, security, and reliability for applications and APIs. For F5 users who need more cost-efficient scaling, flexibility, built-in security, and a more consultative customer experience, HAProxy provides a powerful alternative backed by category leadership in G2 reviews and reports.


HAProxy 2.8 Feature Roundup

HAProxy 2.8 is now available! With improvements that give better performance, more options to tune behavior, and expanded programmability via its Lua integration, this version has plenty to sink your teeth into.

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