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shutdown session

Terminate a client's session.


When a client connects to HAProxy Enterprise, the load balancer maintains a session with that client until their connection with the backend server has finished. You can see active sessions with the show sess command. Use shutdown session to stop a specific session.


Use show sess to display a list of active sessions:

$ echo "show sess" | sudo socat stdio /var/run/hapee-1.7/hapee-lb.sock

0x55f09d21c9e0: proto=tcpv4 src= fe=fe_main be=websocket srv=s1 ts=00 age=39s calls=5 rate=0 cpu=0 lat=0 rq[f=8848000h,i=0,an=00h,rx=59m20s,wx=,ax=] rp[f=88048000h,i=0,an=00h,rx=59m20s,wx=,ax=] s0=[8,200008h,fd=19,ex=] s1=[8,200118h,fd=21,ex=] exp=59m20s
0x55f09d22a0f0: proto=unix_stream src=unix:1 fe=GLOBAL be=<NONE> srv=<none> ts=404 age=0s calls=1 rate=1 cpu=0 lat=0 rq[f=c4c223h,i=0,an=00h,rx=,wx=,ax=] rp[f=80008002h,i=0,an=00h,rx=,wx=,ax=] s0=[8,280008h,fd=18,ex=] s1=[8,204018h,fd=-1,ex=] exp=10m

The first field is the session's unique identifier, which you can pass to shutdown session to terminate the session:

$ echo "shutdown session 0x55f09d21c9e0" | sudo socat stdio /var/run/hapee-1.7/hapee-lb.sock

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