HAProxy Runtime API

HAProxy Runtime API

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The load balancer embeds the Runtime API. No other packages are required for installation. The API lets you configure some aspects of the load balancer at runtime without needing to reload the service. The API keeps changes in memory until the next reload or restart. It does not write changes to the configuration file on disk. Use this feature to make on-the-fly changes, such as enabling and disabling servers or adding entries to map files in memory.

The HAProxy Data Plane API is a separate API. It invokes Runtime API methods for some features to avoid a reload.

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Key points to remember when using the Runtime API include:

  • Change are made in running memory only and do not persist if the load balancer is reloaded or restarted.
  • The API can be accessed over a UNIX socket or a TCP/IP address.
  • You can execute commands ad hoc or, when using the UNIX socket, start an interactive session.

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