HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 1.7r1

show sess

Display all clients that have an ongoing session connected to the load balancer.


To use the show sess command, the level parameter on the stats socket line must be operator or admin. It displays all active sessions that are currently connected to the load balancer.


In the example below, there are two active sessions. The first is a TCP connection and the second is a UNIX socket stream (the Runtime API connection itself):

$ echo "show sess" | sudo socat stdio /var/run/hapee-1.7/hapee-lb.sock
0x7fa44c02a470: proto=tcpv4 src= fe=fe_main be=websocket srv=server1 ts=00 age=16s calls=5 rate=0 cpu=0 lat=0 rq[f=8848000h,i=0,an=00h,rx=59m55s,wx=,ax=] rp[f=88048202h,i=0,an=00h,rx=59m55s,wx=,ax=] s0=[8,200008h,fd=19,ex=] s1=[8,200118h,fd=20,ex=] exp=59m50s
0x55e4db986ba0: proto=unix_stream src=unix:1 fe=GLOBAL be=<NONE> srv=<none> ts=00 age=0s calls=2 rate=2 cpu=0 lat=0 rq[f=c4c220h,i=0,an=00h,rx=,wx=,ax=] rp[f=80008002h,i=0,an=00h,rx=,wx=,ax=] s0=[8,280008h,fd=23,ex=] s1=[8,204018h,fd=-1,ex=] exp=10m

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