HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 2.3r1

show threads

Show the internal states and structures of threads.


The show threads command displays information about threads active in the load balancer process. It can be used to troubleshoot threading problems such as deadlocks.


Below, we display information about threads:

$ echo "show threads" | sudo socat stdio /var/run/hapee-2.3/hapee-lb.sock

  Thread 1 : id=0x7f4f8050c2c0 act=0 glob=0 wq=0 rq=0 tl=0 tlsz=0 rqsz=0
             stuck=0 prof=0 harmless=1 wantrdv=0
             cpu_ns: poll=1148558442 now=1148602754 diff=44312
* Thread 2 : id=0x7f4f7db29700 act=1 glob=0 wq=1 rq=0 tl=0 tlsz=0 rqsz=0
             stuck=0 prof=0 harmless=0 wantrdv=0
             cpu_ns: poll=1184724714 now=1184833816 diff=109102
             curr_task=0x7f4f780333a0 (task) calls=2 last=0
               fct=0x55f09c676b50(task_run_applet) ctx=0x7f4f7802e8c0(<CLI>)
             strm=0x7f4f7802a270 src=unix fe=GLOBAL be=GLOBAL dst=<CLI>
             rqf=c48202 rqa=0 rpf=80008000 rpa=0 sif=EST,200008 sib=EST,204018
             af=(nil),0 csf=0x7f4f78033450,8200
             ab=0x7f4f7802e8c0,9 csb=(nil),0

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