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show events

Show events from a running trace.


If you set a trace's sink to buf0, it records the events in a ring buffer stored inside HAProxy Enterprise's memory, which you can then access using the show events command.

When calling the Runtime API in an interactive session via the prompt command, you can pass the -w flag to wait for events and/or the -n flag to skip ahead to see only new events.


To show events that you've captured in the buffer, follow these steps:

  1. Start a trace, such as with the following commands. Note that the sink is set to buf0 to record events in a ring buffer:

    $ echo "trace h1 event +any; trace h1 level user; trace h1 verbosity simple; trace h1 sink buf0; trace h1 start now" | sudo socat stdio /var/run/hapee-2.3/hapee-lb.sock
  2. Call show events to display recorded events:

    $ echo "show events buf0" | sudo socat stdio /var/run/hapee-2.3/hapee-lb.sock
    <0>2021-02-22T16:44:21.014274+00:00 [00|h1|0|mux_h1.c:1459] rcvd H1 request headers : [F] [MSG_DONE, MSG_RPBEFORE] - "GET / HTTP/1.1" - h1c=0x5617388cd310(0x00000000) h1s=0x5617388cd620(0x00000010)
    <0>2021-02-22T16:44:21.017431+00:00 [00|h1|0|mux_h1.c:1492] H1 request fully rcvd : [F] [MSG_DONE, MSG_RPBEFORE] - "GET / HTTP/1.1" - h1c=0x5617388cd310(0x00000000) h1s=0x5617388cd620(0x00000410)
    <0>2021-02-22T16:44:21.017963+00:00 [00|h1|0|mux_h1.c:1683] sending request headers : [B] [MSG_RQBEFORE, MSG_RPBEFORE] - "GET / HTTP/1.1" - h1c=0x5617388f22a0(0x00000000) h1s=0x5617388f2450(0x00000010)
    <0>2021-02-22T16:44:21.017973+00:00 [00|h1|0|mux_h1.c:1955] H1 request fully xferred : [B] [MSG_DONE, MSG_RPBEFORE] - h1c=0x5617388f22a0(0x00000000) h1s=0x5617388f2450(0x00004010)
    <0>2021-02-22T16:44:21.024810+00:00 [00|h1|0|mux_h1.c:1459] rcvd H1 response headers : [B] [MSG_DONE, MSG_DATA] - "HTTP/1.1 200 OK" - h1c=0x5617388f22a0(0x00000000) h1s=0x5617388f2450(0x00004010)
    <0>2021-02-22T16:44:21.024822+00:00 [00|h1|0|mux_h1.c:1492] H1 response fully rcvd : [B] [MSG_DONE, MSG_DONE] - "HTTP/1.1 200 OK" - h1c=0x5617388f22a0(0x00000000) h1s=0x5617388f2450(0x00004410)
    <0>2021-02-22T16:44:21.024844+00:00 [00|h1|0|mux_h1.c:1698] sending response headers : [F] [MSG_DONE, MSG_RPBEFORE] - "HTTP/1.1 200 OK" - h1c=0x5617388cd310(0x00000040) h1s=0x5617388cd620(0x00000410)
    <0>2021-02-22T16:44:21.024855+00:00 [00|h1|0|mux_h1.c:1955] H1 response fully xferred : [F] [MSG_DONE, MSG_DONE] - h1c=0x5617388cd310(0x00000000) h1s=0x5617388cd620(0x00004410)

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