HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 2.3r1

abort ssl cert

Abort an SSL certificate transaction.


HAProxy Enterprise can update an SSL certificate that it loaded into memory at startup. The normal workflow to update a certificate is:

  1. Start a transaction that uploads the local certificate file into memory using set ssl cert.

  2. Commit the transaction to finalize the upload using commit ssl cert.

Use abort ssl cert to cancel the transaction instead.


This example begins a transaction to load a certificate into HAProxy Enterprise's runtime memory, but then cancels it with the abort ssl cert command.

$ echo -e "set ssl cert /etc/hapee-2.3/certs/site.pem <<\n$(cat ./new_certificate.pem)\n" | socat stdio tcp4-connect:
$ echo "abort ssl cert /etc/hapee-2.3/certs/site.pem" | socat stdio tcp4-connect:

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