HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 1.7r1

show table

List entries in a stick table.


With no arguments, show table lists all stick tables you've defined, but not the data within them.

When given the name of a stick table, it displays the records in that table.


Consider this real-world example that uses a stick-table to track clients that exceed a rate limit and bans clients that exceed the limit three times:

frontend fe_main
   bind :80

   # define stick table
   stick-table  type ip  size 100k  expire 24h  store http_req_rate(5s),gpc0,gpt0

   # begin tracking requests where the key in the table
   # is the client's source IP
   http-request track-sc0 src

   # has the client exceeded 20 requests in 5 seconds?
   acl exceeds_rate_limit sc_http_req_rate(0) gt 20

   # flag them if they exceeded the limit
   http-request sc-set-gpt0(0) 1 if exceeds_rate_limit

   # if they exceeded the limit 3 times, mark them as a known speeder
   acl known_speeder sc_get_gpc0(0) ge 3

   # deny all clients that exceed the limit or are known speeders
   http-request deny deny_status 429 if exceeds_rate_limit || known_speeder

   # count each time they exceed the limit if they were flagged
   acl issue_speeding_ticket sc_get_gpt0(0) eq 1
   http-request sc-inc-gpc0(0) if issue_speeding_ticket

   # reset the flag
   http-request sc-set-gpt0(0) 0

   default_backend be_servers
  1. Use show table with no arguments to list the tables you've defined.

    $ echo "show table" | sudo socat stdio /var/run/hapee-1.7/hapee-lb.sock
    # table: fe_main, type: ip, size:102400, used:3

    Here, it lists one table.

  2. Use show table with the name of the table to display the records in that table.

    $ echo "show table fe_main" | sudo socat stdio /var/run/hapee-1.7/hapee-lb.sock
    # table: fe_main, type: ip, size:102400, used:1
    0x5641b364f7e8: key= use=0 exp=86398242 gpt0=0 gpc0=3 http_req_rate(5000)=5
    0x5641b364f7e8: key= use=0 exp=86398220 gpt0=0 gpc0=1 http_req_rate(5000)=5
    0x5641b364f7e8: key= use=0 exp=86398250 gpt0=0 gpc0=0 http_req_rate(5000)=5

    Here, it lists records in the table fe_main.

    The key is the client's IP address, and there are three counters tracked: gpt0, gpc0, and http_req_rate(5000).

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