HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 1.7r1

set rate-limit connections global

Set the process-wide connection rate limit.


You can limit the rate at which the load balancer accepts new connections by setting the global setting maxconnrate. In the snippet below, 1,000 connections per second are allowed:

   maxconnrate 1000

Note that this limit is process-wide, so it is possible for one frontend to consume the majority of the capacity. However, you can also set a per-frontend limit with either the rate-limit sessions directive or with a stick table.

Use the set rate-limit connections global command to change the global maxconnrate setting dynamically.


Below, we set the global connection rate limit to 5,000 connections per second:

$ echo "set rate-limit connections global 5000" |
sudo socat stdio /var/run/hapee-1.7/hapee-lb.sock

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