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disable dynamic-cookie backend

Enable session persistence when dynamic cookies are in use.


To send a client to the same server where they were sent previously in order to reuse a session on that server, you can enable cookie-based session persistence. Add a cookie directive to the backend section and set the cookie parameter to a unique value on each server line.

Below, we've enabled cookie-based session persistence, which means that HAProxy Enterprise places an HTTP cookie that contains the server's unique cookie value (web1 or web2) into the client's browser. The client attaches that cookie to each of its subsequent requests so that the load balancer knows which server to use. For example, if a client was sent to the server web1 first, it will be sent to that same server from then on.

backend servers
   cookie SERVER_USED insert indirect nocache
   server web1 check  cookie web1
   server web2 check  cookie web2

Instead of setting hardcoded cookie values, you can have HAProxy Enterprise generate them automatically. Add the dynamic parameter to the cookie line in order to generate a value for the SERVER_USED cookie that's based on the server's IP address, port, and a secret key that's specified with dynamic-cookie-key. Note that we no longer specify the cookie parameter on the server lines.

backend servers
   cookie SERVER_USED insert indirect nocache dynamic
   dynamic-cookie-key mysecretphrase
   server web1 check
   server web2 check

This is especially useful when servers are added to the backend dynamically, since it can be difficult to set the cookie value ahead of time. In the snippet below, we are using server-template to populate server lines dynamically based on DNS service discovery information. Therefore, we let the load balancer generate the cookie values.

resolvers mydns
  nameserver dns1
  accepted_payload_size 8192

backend servers
   cookie SERVER_USED insert indirect nocache dynamic
   dynamic-cookie-key mysecretphrase
   server-template web 5 myservice.example.local:80 check  resolvers mydns  init-addr libc,none

When using dynamic cookie values, you can use the Runtime API's disable dynamic-cookie backend command to disable session persistence for a backend.


Disable session persistence by calling disable dynamic-cookie backend with the name of the backend.

$ echo "disable dynamic-cookie backend servers" | sudo socat /var/run/hapee-1.7/hapee-lb.sock stdio

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