HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 1.6r2

set maxconn global

Change the load balancer's process-side maximum concurrent connections (maxconn) setting.


You can define a maxconn setting in the global section of your configuration, which limits the number of concurrent connections the HAProxy Enterprise process will accept. When this limit is reached, connections queue up in the kernel's socket queue.

   maxconn 75000

Use the set maxconn global command to change this limit dynamically. If the limit goes lower than the current number of connections, new connections will queue until they reach the lower threshold. You must set the maxconn in your configuration file first, since you are not allowed to increase it past that initial value.

Set it to zero to restore the initial setting.


Below, we set the global maxconn setting to 60,000:

$ echo "set maxconn global 60000" | sudo socat stdio /var/run/hapee-1.6/hapee-lb.sock

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