HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 1.6r1

set timeout cli

Change the timeout period for an interactive session with the Runtime API.


You initiate an interactive session with the Runtime API by calling socat readline followed by the prompt command, as shown below:

$ sudo socat readline /var/run/hapee-1.6/hapee-lb.sock

The session ends after some time if you do not send it another command.

The time limit defaults to the value set with the stats timeout directive in the global section of your configuration. You can change it to a number of seconds with the set timeout cli command during the interactive session. The new time limit only affects the current session.


  1. Enter an interactive session, then change the timeout to 10 minutes (600 seconds):

    $ sudo socat readline /var/run/hapee-1.6/hapee-lb.sock
    > set timeout cli 600

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