HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 1.6r1

Runtime API

The Runtime API is embedded inside the load balancer and requires no other packages. It lets you configure some aspects of the load balancer at runtime without needing to reload the service. Changes are kept in memory only until the next reload or restart and are not saved to the configuration file on disk. Use this feature to make on-the-fly changes, such as enabling and disabling servers or adding entries to map files in memory.


Get an overview of the Runtime API.

add acl

Add a value to an ACL expression or file.

add map

Add an entry to a Map file.

clear acl

Delete all entries from an ACL expression or file.

clear counters all

Clear all counters on the Stats page.

clear counters

Clear the Max counters on the Stats page.

clear map

Delete all entries from a Map file.

clear table

Remove one or more entries from a stick table.

del acl

Delete a single value from an ACL expression or file.

del map

Delete a single entry from a Map file.

disable agent

Stop sending health check probes to an agent program running on a server.

disable frontend

Stop routing traffic to a frontend that is declared in your HAProxy Enterprise configuration file.

disable health

Stop sending active health check probes to a server.

disable server

Put a server in maintenance mode.

enable agent

Resume sending health check probes to an agent program running on a server.

enable frontend

Re-enable a frontend that was stopped.

enable health

Enable active health checks for a server.

enable server

Take a server out of maintenance mode.

get acl

Test whether a value would match an ACL.

get map

Test whether an input matches an entry in a map file.

get weight

Display the initial and current weight of a server.


Display a list of available Runtime API commands.


Initiate an interactive session with the Runtime API.


Disconnect from the Runtime API.

set map

Change the value of a map file entry.

set maxconn frontend

Change a frontend's maximum concurrent connections.

set maxconn global

Change the load balancer's process-side maximum concurrent connections.

set maxconn server

Change a server's maximum concurrent connections.

set rate-limit connections global

Set the process-wide connection rate limit.

set rate-limit http-compression global

Set the process-wide compression rate limit.

set rate-limit sessions global

Set the process-wide session rate limit.

set rate-limit ssl-sessions global

Set the process-wide SSL session rate limit.

set server

Change a server's properties.

set ssl ocsp-response

Set the Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) response for an SSL/TLS certificate.

set ssl tls-key

Rotate the load balancer's session ticket encryption key used to encrypt TLS session tickets.

set table

Add or update a record in a stick table.

set timeout cli

Change the timeout period for an interactive session with the Runtime API.

set weight

Change the weight of a server.

show acl

List all ACLs defined in the configuration.

show backend

List all backends in the current running config.

show env

Display current HAProxy Enterprise process and environment information.

show errors

Show errors related to protocol violations.

show info

Display information about the HAProxy Enterprise process.

show map

List map files or list the entries in a map file.

show pools

Show the status of internal memory pools.

show servers state

Get a block of data that represents the current of servers in backends.

show sess

Display all clients that have an ongoing session connected to the load balancer.

show stat

Get statistics that describe traffic flowing through the load balancer.

show table

List entries in a stick table.

show tls-keys

Display the secret keys used to encrypt TLS session tickets.

shutdown frontend

Delete a frontend and release the ports on which it listens.

shutdown session

Terminate a client's session.

shutdown sessions server

Terminate all client sessions that are connected to a specific server.

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