HAProxy Technologies Continues Winning Streak in G2 Winter 2024 Grid® Reports

Creator of G2’s top-ranked load balancer is now also the leader in container networking

Newton, MA, December 19, 2023


HAProxy Technologies, the company behind the world’s fastest and most widely used software load balancer, has been named a Leader in 13 G2 Winter 2024 Grid® Reports. Continuing its winning streak, HAProxy Technologies maintains overall leadership in Load Balancing as established the previous two quarters. The Company earned high acclaim across five other product categories, including overall leadership in Container Networking. This success underscores HAProxy Technologies' status as a provider of innovative and market-leading Kubernetes solutions.

In the Momentum Grid® Report for Load Balancing, HAProxy has enhanced its category-leading position with an impressive Momentum Grid Score of 84. HAProxy remains ahead of the competition by a significant margin, with a 30-point lead in Satisfaction (Score of 95) over the second-placed leader in the Momentum Grid.

“The gap in user satisfaction between HAProxy and the next best load balancer is incredible to see,” said Dujko Radovnikovic, CEO, HAProxy Technologies. “This is exactly what we work so hard for. All our innovation, our focus on quality, and our commitment to providing truly expert support is directed at giving users the solutions they need in the simplest and most effective way possible.” 

Growing Category Leadership in G2's Grid® Reports

G2, a leading aggregator of user reviews and product ratings, awarded HAProxy 30 badges, including naming HAProxy a Leader in the following reports:

  • Grid® Report for Container Networking

  • Grid® Report for DDoS Protection

  • Grid® Report for Load Balancing

  • Momentum Grid® Report for API Management

  • Momentum Grid® Report for Container Networking

  • Momentum Grid® Report for DDoS Protection

  • Momentum Grid® Report for Load Balancing

  • Momentum Grid® Report for Web Application Firewall (WAF)

  • Mid-Market Grid® Report for Load Balancing

  • Americas Regional Grid® Report for Load Balancing

  • EMEA Regional Grid® Report for API Management

  • EMEA Regional Grid®Report for Load Balancing

  • Europe Regional Grid® Report for API Management

The Leader designation signifies that HAProxy has earned best-in-class ratings from verified customers for both user satisfaction scores and market presence. 

Leadership in G2 Winter Reports for Container Networking with Innovative Kubernetes Solutions

The G2 Winter 2024 Reports recognized HAProxy as the overall Container Networking category leader in the following reports:

  • Grid® Report for Container Networking

  • Momentum Grid® Report for Container Networking


This recognition is a testament to HAProxy's track record of delivering cutting-edge technology solutions that meet the evolving needs of cloud-native application teams for container ingress, load balancing, and multi-cluster routing.

The HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller is an open source solution for container ingress that has been downloaded more than 47 million times. It is known for its fast performance, seamless integration with Kubernetes, and efficient traffic routing. 

“Awesome tool in ingress controller” says a newly-posted 5-star review of HAProxy by a principal engineer in the Enterprise segment. Another reviewer using HAProxy for Kubernetes routing wrote, “Automagically. Works great for routing purposes. No complaints.”

HAProxy Fusion 1.2 and HAProxy Enterprise introduce a transformative approach to external load balancing and multi-cluster routing that simplify deploying and using Kubernetes in complex scenarios. 

The combination of HAProxy Fusion’s centralized management, monitoring, and automation with Kubernetes Service Discovery enables users to automate identifying backend services (such as Kubernetes pods) and configuring external traffic routing and load balancing on the HAProxy Enterprise nodes in a deployment. This enables many new use cases, including:

  • External load balancing for on-premises Kubernetes

  • Multi-cluster routing and load balancing for Kubernetes

  • Testing in production (such as blue/green) with multi-cluster Kubernetes

  • Multi-region failover for Kubernetes clusters in multiple regions or data centers.

These innovative capabilities effectively address the complexities of traffic routing with dynamic Kubernetes backends, improving scalability and reliability and providing flexibility for more deployment models. 

A reviewer using HAProxy Enterprise and HAProxy Fusion for enterprise load balancing, security, reports, and data visualizations praised HAProxy’s outstanding support with a 5-star review: “Timely, knowledgeable and professional support with onboarding and day to day support. I can't think of any dislikes.”

“It’s exciting to take the number one spot in the Container Networking category,” said Andjelko Iharos, Director of Engineering, HAProxy Technologies. “Our Kubernetes solutions are helping to solve some of our customers’ most complex challenges. Service discovery in HAProxy Fusion Control Plane makes possible the powerful automation that teams need to keep Kubernetes simple and efficient at scale.”

On-Demand Webinar Showcases Kubernetes Solutions

Watch the on-demand webinar, External Load Balancing and Multi-Cluster Routing for Kubernetes, to learn how HAProxy Technologies removes the complexity from managing external load balancing on-premises, in multi-region public cloud, and more.

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