HAProxy Technologies Announces Certified Integration Program

Enables customers to expand product capabilities with best-of-breed integrations while giving partners a clear path to certification

Newton, MA, February 24, 2020

HAProxy Technologies, provider of the world’s fastest and most widely used software load balancer, today announced the HAProxy Technologies Certified Integration Program, which makes it easy for customers to expand the capabilities of its product suite with best-of-breed integrations delivered by technology partners. It also streamlines the integration process for potential technology partners by providing both a clear path to certification and validation that the integration is fully supported end-to-end. Integrations are carefully designed with the help of each partner to ensure optimal performance.

Existing technology partners participating in the program include: device detection companies 51Degress, DeviceAtlas, and ScientiaMobile; geolocation companies MaxMind and Digital Element; and DNS provider NS1. These partners gain access to technical expertise, joint marketing, and the latest version of the HAProxy Enterprise software for development and testing.

“The HAProxy Technologies Certified Integration Program presents a great opportunity for both our customers and partners to harness the power and flexibility of our full suite of products,” said Dylan Murphy, Director of Business Development at HAProxy Technologies. “For our customers, it ensures that these business-critical integrations are fully supported by the authoritative experts. For our partners, it is a validation of the use cases and collective innovation that we’ve already been growing together organically.”

The program features a web portal where customers can browse a curated list of integrations and access up-to-date documentation. Within HAProxy Technologies, a business development unit has been tasked with keeping lines of communication open with all technology partners, ensuring a rigorous process for maintaining updates and support of integrations.

Customers desire ways to offload advanced functionality from the application layer to the load balancing layer, and deploy that functionality anywhere in the application delivery stack. Doing so allows them to simplify the management of software integrations used across their organizations. HAProxy Technologies plans to continue expanding the number of technology partners and integrations, as well as to provide additional tooling for partners. This will include incorporation of real-time feedback to product, engineering and account teams, as well as expanded partner certification and joint marketing opportunities.

Read our blog, “Why We’re Building a Rich Ecosystem of Certified Integrations”, by Dylan Murphy, Director of Business Development at HAProxy Technologies

For a list of current HAProxy Technologies Certified Integrations, visit

For technology providers interested in participating in the HAProxy Technologies Certified Integration Program, visit https://www.haproxy.com/partners/partner-program/certification/

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