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Fostering Fearlessness: Working in the Middle of the Day Instead of the Middle of the Night

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Michael “Irish” O’Neill

There’s no shortage of articles on CI/CD and how to run a configuration validation utility before reloading or restarting a service, but this type of validation is not the same as acceptance testing. Furthermore, these validations don’t always give you (or your leadership team) the confidence to allow you to make big changes to your Production Infrastructure during normal business hours, often preferring to err on the side of caution and scheduling a maintenance window when you might prefer to be in bed.

Utilizing local network configurations and HAProxy, we upgraded major versions of PHP—and even HAProxy itself—in the middle of the day with zero downtime and with zero fear that we were going to interrupt our Production workload for over 100,000 websites. Let’s explore strategies for reclaiming your late nights/early mornings by demonstrating infrastructure reliability and real-world acceptance testing.

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Michael “Irish” O’Neill Senior Infrastructure Software Engineer, BoomTown!
Michael is a problem solver by nature and a software engineer by trade.He has worked as help-desk support, lead engineer on new product offerings, and most everything in between. He has had the opportunity to completely change the way entire teams work by helping engineers take control of the technology and processes they deal with on a daily basis and by building confidence on and in those teams. Outside of work, he is an Eagle Scout who likes to hike, rock climb, cook, read, and game.

Organizations rapidly deploy HAProxy products to deliver websites and applications with the utmost performance, observability and security at any scale and in any environment. Looking for more stories?

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