HAProxyConf 2022 Presentation

Automating HAProxy using Ansible over AWS

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Gursimar Singh

Building resilient and highly available infrastructure is of the utmost importance in today’s world, and the principal part of such a design is a load balancer. While HAProxy is easy to set up, it can become tedious to manually include new servers in massive production environments with hundreds of servers, if not thousands. In today’s automated world, we may set up each newly installed server to have its settings applied immediately. The question is, “How can we accomplish this?”

Among the many powerful configuration management technologies available, we have settled on Ansible. Using an Ansible playbook, we can automate adding additional servers to the HAProxy load balancer configuration on AWS and bare metal. We begin by setting up a dynamic inventory in Ansible, then set up HAProxy to automatically refresh its inventory whenever Ansible’s inventory receives a new server. By the end, the audience will have learned how HAProxy’s power can be utilized alongside configuration management tools, and how cloud computing providers can be used for building infrastructure with high availability.

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Gursimar Singh Author, freeCodeCamp
Gursimar is an author for freeCodeCamp. In the past, he has served as a DevOps/Cloud head for the Google Developers Student Club, Google Cloud Facilitator, assisting hundreds of students with their transition to Google Cloud, and an IBM Z Ambassador, assisting individuals with their introduction to Enterprise Computing and Mainframe. He was designated as a Technical Volunteer for the ARTH program by world record holder Mr. Vimal Daga, assisting students in their technical exploration of more than ten technologies. He is also a Twilio Field Operator assisting students with programming and open-source development. Through his publications and public speaking, he likes instructing and motivating other technologists, and he does so by creating accessible learning materials. His objective is to maximise developer productivity, including his own. Because of this, he constructs and teaches the things he does. This motivates him every day.

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