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Annotations, Config Snippets, and Custom Resources: 3 Ways to Customize Your HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller

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Moemen Mhedhbi
HAProxy Technologies

Our Ingress Controller brings HAProxy to Kubernetes where the controller reacts to Kubernetes events and generates HAProxy configuration based on user input. This input can be provided in different ways: annotations, static files, custom resources. In this presentation, we will go through the details of each input type and compare it with other types.

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Moemen Mhedhbi Software Engineer, HAProxy Technologies
Moemen Mhedhbi started working at HAProxy Technologies several years ago as a system engineer where he was deploying, debugging, and integrating HAProxy in different environments. Then, he came to appreciate the great potential HAProxy could bring to Kubernetes. Since then, he has joined the software engineering team to develop and maintain the Ingress Controller.

Organizations rapidly deploy HAProxy products to deliver websites and applications with the utmost performance, observability and security at any scale and in any environment. Looking for more stories?

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