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HAProxy One

An end-to-end application delivery platform powered by the legendary HAProxy. Performance, reliability and security at any scale and in any environment — simplified.

HAProxy Edge

HAProxy Edge is a globally distributed application delivery network, or ADN, that provides a wide range of turnkey application delivery services at massive scale and with first-class observability.

Learn more about global load balancing of servers and data centers, with turnkey security, monitoring, and acceleration.


HAProxy ALOHA is a plug-and-play hardware or virtual appliance based on HAProxy Enterprise that provides L4 and L7 load balancing, a simple graphical interface, and protocol-level attack protection at line rate with its patented PacketShield technology.

Learn more about external load balancing in front of critical applications, on-prem or in the cloud.

HAProxy Enterprise
Kubernetes Ingress Controller

The HAProxy Enterprise Kubernetes Ingress Controller is the most efficient way to route traffic into your Kubernetes cluster.

Learn more about production-deployed Kubernetes clusters in need of efficient ingress routing.

HAProxy Enterprise

HAProxy Enterprise is an enterprise-class version of HAProxy providing a robust and reliable code base with cutting edge features, an enterprise suite of add-ons, expert support, and professional services.

Learn more about external load balancing in front of critical applications, on-prem or in the cloud.

HAProxy Fusion Control Plane

The HAProxy Fusion Control Pane provides a single pane of glass to control and observe the entire product line-up. It will feature a modern UI and offer a REST-based API.

Learn more about controlling many instances of HAProxy, locally or in the cloud.

Application Delivery Simplified

HAProxy One simplifies essential tasks, including application acceleration, content delivery, DDoS protection, and WAF, into an end-to-end application delivery platform.

The HAProxy Fusion Control plane will provide a unified interface and gives you a single pane of glass to configure, manage and observe the entire product line-up.

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HAProxy 2.0 Released

HAProxy 2.0 adds a powerful set of cloud-native features as well as completely new functionality that further improves its seamless support for integration into modern architectures. In conjunction with this release we are also introducing the HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller and the powerful HAProxy Data Plane API which provides a modern REST API for configuring and managing HAProxy

HAProxy Powers the Uptime of the Cloud Era

Load Balancing

Load balance your services at any scale and in any environment with our feature-rich application delivery controllers.

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High Availability

Deliver optimal user experiences regardless of volume of visitors, number of hits, or complexity of request.

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Application Acceleration

High performance SSL offloading, advanced timings, high performance lookup maps, HTTP compression, device detection and HTTP routing.

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Utilize HAProxy’s RESTful Data Plane API and Runtime API to manipulate your load balancer’s configuration or to drain traffic. Make changes dynamically without risking impact to other services.

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Receive the benefits of SSL with less hardware, reduce the number of services exposed to the Internet, stop DDoS and Brute Force attacks, detect and block SQL/XSS attacks, ensure protocol compliance and identify intrusions with our advanced logging.

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HAProxy is at the core of application delivery for some of the largest and most complex microservices architectures in the world and constantly releases new features to support these dynamic environments.

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The History of HAProxy

Today, HAProxy is the world's fastest and most widely used software load balancer. It's responsible for providing high availability, security, and observability to some of the world's highest trafficked websites. Many Site Reliability Engineers and Network/Systems...

HAProxy Products

Application delivery solutions with the utmost performance, reliability, and security at any scale and in any environment.

HAProxy Enterprise
Kubernetes Ingress Controller

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HAProxy Fusion
Control Plane

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