Top Enterprise & Open Source Leaders to Present at HAProxyConf 2022 in Paris

LinkedIn, SoundCloud, Roblox and Bedrock join HAProxy open source and enterprise users to share real case studies of web performance, observability, and security at scale

Newton, MA, November 02, 2022

HAProxy Technologies, the company behind the world’s fastest and most widely used software load balancer, today announced that the speaking lineup for HAProxyConf 2022 includes incredible demonstrations of HAProxy’s performance by LinkedIn, Roblox, and HAProxy creator Willy Tarreau. The annual conference for the highly-active HAProxy community features expert speakers from across the open-source landscape presenting best practices and real-world use cases, and will take place in the heart of Paris at the New Cap Event Center alongside the Seine river, November 8-9, 2022.

Headlining the event is HAProxy lead developer Willy Tarreau, the original creator of the HAProxy load balancer, who will present the keynote, “What Millions of Requests per Second Mean in Terms of Cost and Energy Savings.” Explore how rapid advancements in load balancing performance and scalability can cut costs and save energy, as Willy shares real-life examples leveraging HAProxy software to do just that.

The packed HAProxyConf 2022 Speaker Lineup brings two days of learning, with keynotes, technical talks, and use cases from HAProxy core developers, community and enterprise users. Attendees will learn how to put into practice solutions to the challenges affecting their teams and businesses. Expert speakers will provide first-hand insight into the latest applications of HAProxy’s comprehensive product suite, which includes HAProxy Enterprise, HAProxy ALOHA, and HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller.

Main stage presentations will showcase how leading organizations are harnessing HAProxy across a variety of architectures – from replacing traditional hardware load balancers, to cloud-native and microservice-focused environments. Presenters will explain how their organizations deploy HAProxy products to deliver websites and applications with the utmost performance, observability, and security at any scale and in a wide variety of environments.

Case studies to be presented on the Main Stage for HAProxyConf include:

  • Modernizing LinkedIn’s Traffic Stack – Sanjay Singh and Sri Ram Bathina discuss leveraging  HAProxy’s features to modernize their traffic stack, a move they say will make them better prepared for the future. With millions of queries per second, hundreds of clusters, and thousands of servers to load balance, the LinkedIn stack needs to be highly efficient and scalable.

  • Data Informed Decision Making: Roblox Use Case for More Metrics – Adam Mills describes how busy Roblox sites, with thousands of backends, produce an insane amount of metrics through the HAProxy Prometheus endpoint. He’ll describe how Roblox creatively captures relevant data and uses metrics to help inform decisions everyday, using data processing and analysis to prove the value of MORE metrics.

  • HAProxy in SoundCloud – Sadegh Solati explores how SoundCloud uses the HAProxy reverse proxy to defend against DoS/DDoS attacks that aim to interrupt or abuse the service, and how they tuned HAProxy Enterprise’s stick table aggregator for massive scale. SoundCloud’s rate-limiting and DDoS prevention solution collects information from all zones (approx. 70 HAProxy instances) and makes cluster-wide decisions on whether requests should be allowed to pass or not.

  • Scaling Bedrock video delivery to 50 million users with HAProxy – Vincent Gallissot describes how when Bedrock migrated its video delivery to the cloud, a cache layer was needed to absorb the load with advanced load balancing algorithms. Gallissot delves into the ways in which Bedrock leveraged HAProxy’s Runtime API and developed a tool in Python that allows synchronization of the AWS AutoScalingGroup with HAProxy for gains in performance and resilience.

"HAProxyConf is where our community collaborates, bringing together developers, architects, DevOps, and operations teams from companies of all sizes,” said Dujko Radovnikovic, CEO, HAProxy Technologies. “Leading brands and software architects from around the globe are openly sharing how they have built scalable, resilient, and highly available cloud native HAProxy deployments that provide the utmost performance, observability, and security."

The conference will also feature a series of lightning talks from HAProxy core developers, and community and enterprise users, on topics as diverse as Kubernetes workloads on AWS Wavelength, Highly Available Cloud Native Architecture, and Load Balancing and High Availability on Postgres, among others.

Lightning Talks at HAProxyConf 2022 will include:

  • Highly Available Cloud Native Architecture for HAProxy – Docker (Ryan Hristovski)

  • HAProxy on the Mobile Edge: Practical Advice for Kubernetes Workloads on AWS Wavelength (Robert Belson, Chris Smith)

  • Load Balancing and High Availability on Postgres using HAProxy – Cloudflare (Vignesh Ravichandran)

HAProxyConf is the user conference for the highly-active community that has made HAProxy the world’s fastest and most widely used software load balancer. Taking place in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, HAProxyConf is an opportunity to meet core HAProxy developers, share stories with other HAProxy users, and learn in a fun and inclusive environment. The main conference will be held November 8-9, 2022, with workshops and early registration starting at 2:00pm on November 7.

Registration for HAProxyConf 2022 is available here.

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