HAProxy Technologies Introduces ‘User Spotlight’ Series

Video library to showcase how world’s top architects and engineers implement HAProxy to power innovative and impactful IT architectures

Newton, MA, February 03, 2020

HAProxy Technologies, the company behind the world’s fastest and most widely used software load balancer, today announced the HAProxy User Spotlight series, a video library showcasing how some of the world’s top architects and engineers chose to implement HAProxy within their application architectures.The initial 18 user testimonials are taken from the inaugural HAProxy User Conference, HAProxyConf 2019, which took place November 12-13 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.Email HAProxy Technologies Press dept

Watch the first HAProxy User Spotlight, “Moving Yammer to the Cloud”, a presentation from Tobias Haag, Software Engineer Lead at Yammer at Microsoft.

HAProxyConf 2019 was attended by hundreds of IT professionals, systems architects, and SREs responsible for designing reliable infrastructure. The real-world user presentations, which ranged from very large companies handling billions of requests per day down to single person infrastructure teams, were a conference highlight. Attendees were able to gain a unique insight into how HAProxy is being harnessed at scale across a variety of architectures from replacing traditional hardware load balancers to using it within modern cloud-native and microservices focused environments.

HAProxy Technologies will publish one or two videos a week until all 18 are publicly available. Each HAProxy User Spotlight testimonial showcases a first-hand account from cutting-edge organizations, including:

  • Tobias Haag from Yammer at Microsoft presented Moving Yammer to the Cloud: Building a Scalable and Secure Service Mesh with HAProxy;

  • Vincent Gallissot from RTL Group / M6 presented RTL’s Journey to Kubernetes with HAProxy;

  • Pierre Souchay from Criteo presented Building a Service Mesh at Criteo with Consul and HAProxy;

  • Oren Alexandroni and Wally Barnes III from DoubleVerify presented Processing Billions of Web Requests per Day: A Journey from Hardware Load Balancers to HAProxy;

  • Marcin Deranek from Booking.com presented Scaling the Edge: How Booking.com Powers a Global Application Delivery Network with HAProxy;

  • Joe Williams from GitHub presented Inside the GitHub Load Balancer: How We Use DPDK and HAProxy to Support the World’s Largest Developer Community

  • Andrew Rodland from Vimeo presented HAProxy Load Balancing at Vimeo.

"It was an incredibly exciting experience to bring together some of the world’s leading experts in application delivery,” said Dujko Radovnikovic, CEO. “Their presentations demonstrate HAProxy’s ability to meet the ultra high-performance requirements of some of the world’s most trafficked sites while simultaneously leading the way in the ever changing application delivery landscape."

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