HAProxy 1.5-dev7 has been released recently with a lot of new features (compared to 1.5-dev6).
The present article will try to introduce all of them.
I won’t go through the bug fixes.

Performance Tuning Parameter

Set the maximum number connection per second an HAProxy process will accept.

Proxy Parameter

option http-no-delay
Reduce delay for very rare situation where the application relies on an interactive HTTP payload.
In such situation, delay can have an impact on performance.

errorfile <code> <url>
errorloc <code> <url>
errorloc303 <code> <url>
Can now return an HTTP status code 200 to requests matching the monitor-uri.

Health Checking

option redis-check
Redis health check

Stick Tables

stick store-response
Use a response pattern to create an entry in a stick table.


first character
As you may know, the first character of the log flags is used to define the first event that caused the session to terminate.
There are now 2 new flag values:
D: session killed by HAProxy because the server was DOWN and was configured to kill all connections when going DOWN.
K: session killed by an administrator

Unix Socket Command

clear table <table>
Remove entries from the stick-table <table>.

disable frontend <frontend>
Mark a frontend as temporarily stopped.

enable frontend <frontend>
Resume a frontend which has been stopped temporarily.

set maxconn frontend <frontend> <value>
Dynamically change the maxconn frontend setting

set maxconn global <maxconn>
Dynamically change the global maxconn setting.

set rate-limit connections global <value>
Change the process-wide connection rate limit, which is set by the global maxconnrate setting

show table <name>
Dump contents of stick-table .

shutdown frontend <frontend>
Completely delete a frontend

shutdown session <id>
Immediately terminate a session