Observability with HAProxy

Baptiste Assmann
Director of Product, HAProxy Technologies

As traffic flows through HAProxy, a verbose set of logs and metrics are collected that can enable you to detect, troubleshoot, and solve a range of issues that can occur at the application and network layers.

With the ability to pull this data and integrate it with monitoring dashboards, log aggregation tools, and alerting services, it represents an important source of operational data.

In this workshop, you will learn how to configure these data sources and use them to gain powerful, timely insights.

Baptiste Assmann

Director of Product,
HAProxy Technologies

Baptiste has focused on high-performance web architectures for more than a decade now, mainly on the front piece and through the angle of the Load-Balancer / Reverse proxies. Baptiste loves studying new use cases and finds solutions to make the magic happen with his software load-balancer of choice: HAProxy. Currently working as a Principal Solutions Architect at HAProxy Technologies, Baptiste helps customers and HAProxy community users to get the best from this powerful software solution.